April 23rd, 2013, 2:00 am

Shoosh pap, Cas. >w>

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if one more person compares my comic to .hack yureka or 1/2 prince I WILL PEE ALL OVER EVERYTHING lmfao

its not even like them really as you'll find out eventually if you stick around long enough I promise ok so pls

just trust us ok gosh you guys lmao


Yeah! That's like saying that WoW and Tera Online are the same thing because they're both mmorpgs. They both are games, yes, they're both RPGs, yes, but they have very different NPCs, main quest lines, lore, and designs! Besides, the comic has really only just started and has barely even made it's way into the main plot. Don't think just because it's about a video game that it's the same as others that have already been done! Digimon and Pokemon are both about kids with monsters but that doesn't mean they're the same thing. We're not bitching or anything, but people have legitimately accused us of ripping off .hack before without knowing certain things that we can't say because spoilers. TL;DR Magience is nothing like .Hack or anything similar, but the only way you're going to see how they're different is if you stick around (and don't scare the artists away by insulting them).

Man like we wish we could tell you WHY they're different but then we would be spoiling literally the whole comic lmfao it sucks


ALSO WE CHANGED THE VOTE INCENTIVE LOLOL we should never be allowed to do things


hey folks did you know you can see pages a week ahead of time (sans dialogue) if you [pledge at least a dollar to our patreon?] It's true! There's also neat stuff like speedraw process videos of pages, art of other projects, and a Patron-only Discord channel hosted by yours truly!

Overall pledge goals include more frequent updates and convention visits! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

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