March 3rd, 2013, 1:00 am

he made that his summon call? what a nerd

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Ahaaa we made an oops in that, Shiloh's text was supposed to be THIS color all along. We done goofed. D; But, we realized our mistake and now his text will be this color from today onward 8D;


we're dumb sometimes 8D

and by we i mean shiloh

and by shiloh i mean gdi its all your fault not mine IT WASNT ME


For once this was not entirely my fault BI I will honestly admit it is USUALLY all my fault but not this time no sir-ee bob you get to take some of the blame too


no fuck you its your fault for not catching our error earlier

you have failed me as a minion

(also in case you guys missed it the cover also updated today back once page cuz it landed on a saturday and we didnt want the cover to be the entire update for sunday and cheat you guys out of a shaded/colored update page)


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