January 4th, 2013, 1:00 am

Rune cannot see Shiloh's flashback and is internally screaming about his reaction to her question 'Did the boat sink?' being 'Something like that'

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This is actually based on something that rly happened --
Fae and I were playing WoW a while back, and we were on the ferry going from.. somewhere to somewhere, I can't remember, I only know we'd left the night elf port and were going elsewhere, and I was walking along the edge of the ferry and fell off into the water 8D; and Fae goes 'did you just...fall off of the boat?'

".......maybe. >_>"


Yeah that actually inspired this. >_> I was like HOW DID YOU FALL OFF THE DAMN BOAT and Shiloh's just like LOLOLOLOLIDEFK

little punk nearly got stuck lmao he was like BTW FAE WHAT'S A FATIGUE BAR DO >U> I was like .....HEARTH. HEARTH LIKE THE WIND, MOTHERFUCKER.


And in the end Hearth saved my LIEF
God dang i miss WoW so much B|;;;


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