January 18th, 2012, 2:00 am

the threat would be more intimidating if she hadnt literally learned the spell in the last ten minutes. and also if she hadnt been asleep for 7 years. Also if rune wasnt like, 16.

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Wanna know a secret?

Shiloh and I are actually working on Chapter 4/5 right now. B| HAVING YOU GUYS BE SO FAR BEHIND IS FRUSTRATING. I keep wanting to mention things but I CAN'T. UGH. The trials and tribulations of an author/artist with ISpoilEverything disease...

Not to mention how much the art improves, I keep looking back at the first 3/early-4 chapters like "Tsk...what was I thinking..."


God, right? It's like you wanna reference things so bad but you CAN'T because everyone is back HERE, still. And yeah, I'm cringing on the inside for when my coloring job starts |: Everything sucks up until that point where you were like SHILOH YOU CAN USE DIFFERENT BG COLORS YOU KNOW and then yeah it looks a lot better after that >_> Either way. WE ARE STILL GONNA HAVE ROASTY TOASTY FAE KINGDOM~ -jabs it with a stick, and noms-


Right? GDI. It's so difficult... orz

Oh well, it'll just be that much more awesome when we get into the swing of things.


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